6 Tips to Help You Recognize Fake Phone

Smartphones from renowned manufacturers such as Samsung or Apple have been the top sellers in electronics stores for many years. But the price of flagship models most often starts from 500 dollars — not everyone can afford it. Someone takes a loan, and someone is looking for ways to acquire a coveted gadget cheaper than the official cost. A prerequisite is that the smartphone must be original.

Smartphone top sellers — Samsung, Apple and others carefully check the software for their devices. Thanks to this, smartphones and tablets work quickly, they can safely use mobile banks, add cards to payment services and store personal photos. The company continues to take care of software updates on their devices after their release: they release new firmware and security updates.
Fraudsters do not worry about the quality of the software — if only the device is turned on. No one prevents them from installing spyware or phishing software for fake, which will steal photos, contacts, bank card data, passwords and other data. Counterfeits do not pass any certification. Nobody updates them and does not monitor the security of the software.
Stores keep their finger on the pulse, offering novelty hunters a budget solution to the problem — copies of flagship models.
The price is pleasantly surprising – almost three times lower than that of the original. The appearance is also beyond doubt, because the photos are usually taken from the manufacturer’s official website.
The copy works completely differently from the original. This is a slow processor, and a dim display, and a battery that will last for a couple of hours.
The copy works completely differently from the original. This is a slow processor, a dim display, and a battery that will last for a couple of hours.
Earlier, copies of phones give themselves out with the following parameters:

  • coarser processing of the panel material: the corners are chamfered, the plastic has scuffs;
  • lighter weight of the device itself: agree, if your mobile phone lacks parts, it will not become heavier;
  • substandard buttons that periodically creak, give way, or even jam.

These are the three points that will immediately allow you to distinguish poor quality counterfeits from better quality phones. However, there are better quality fakes that are more difficult to distinguish from the original manufacturer.
Here we describe several ways to distinguish a fake from the original.

Check the packaging

A real phone, in contrast to a fake, always has high-quality and attractive packaging. The Chinese are great masters of electronic counterfeiting, but packaging design is often overlooked. Look closely at the packaging of the phone, pay attention to the print quality, how the phone is inside the box. Of course, this is not an indicator, because a fake phone can always be packed in a box from a real phone, but remember, product packaging is considered an integral part of a product brand. Often, manufacturers of original phones delight buyers with additional accessories (headphones, protective films, removable panels, USB cables, etc.). In most cases, real branded phones are sold with a set of related accessories.


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