Kamand Kojori

Kamand Kojori

She received her Master’s degree in Creative Writing in London. The historical novel she wrote about her master’s program was shortlisted for the literary awards of Peters Fraser and Dunlop. She is currently defending her doctorate in creative writing here at Swansea University. In March, she independently publishes a collection of poems “Eternal Dance”. Thank you very much Kamand for talking to us today. Thanks also for a copy of your book of fabulous poetry and also thanks to Ben Cameron. All photos published with the good permission of Kamanda Kozuri…

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Your love opened up a whole world that no amount of books or wisdom can do. I wrote my first history novel for a master program. I published the first chapter in an anthology and my program director sent the anthology to various agents. This is an excellent feature of PhD programs, especially here in Swansea; because if, for example, you were to defend your doctoral dissertation in literature, you would only look at the critical aspect. So you will write this very long dissertation on literary theory, but in creative writing you also have your creative aspect. You will have a collection of poems, a novel or piece, and an additional critical component – a short thesis..

It’s just a loving feeling, so is love and true art. I met the writer and poet Kamand Kodzouri; she was born in Iran and grew up in Dubai and Toronto.


Poems by Kamanda Kozhuri

Yes, it is available on all Amazon sites with securities and ebooks. It is also available at Barnes & Noble and third-party online bookstores. For every copy sold in sub-Saharan Africa, a tree is planted to provide families with food, income, and a sustainable lifestyle. All royalties will also go to Iranian children’s charities..

Her collection of poems Eternal Dance was published in March 2018. I usually listen to classical music and this feeling of unity comes to me..

So if anyone is really interested in writing, I would recommend getting a Master or Ph.D. in Creative Writing because you get the best out of both worlds. You will understand literary theory, but you can also hone your creative skills and train your creative muscles. So Rumi inspired me and Hafez inspired me. There is a great Syrian poet named Nizar Qabbani.

I have always believed that I have no political connection, but I realized that personal is political and I no longer shy away from using my platform to raise awareness. I think one of my writing wonders is that I usually listen to classical music when I write prose or poetry. The passage I prefer to listen to before I start writing sets the tone for the text and helps me immerse myself in the world and the voice of the character. Kamand Kozhuri was born in Tehran, grew up in Dubai and Toronto and currently resides in Wales. Her debut collection of poetry received generous accolades. In the second collection, she raises the age-old question of the existence of God and raises the question of whether humanity exists. Its main purpose is to make us think and act in a more humane way – with compassion, empathy and understanding. After writing a historical novel for a master’s degree at the City University of London, Kamand is now working as a PhD assistant at the University of Swansea, working on his second novel…


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