The New Normal is Uncertainty -Epicrepose


1. IN A TIME OF UNCERTAINTY (like currently), FOCUS ON WHAT IS CERTAIN. Investing energy imagining the capability of a negative future isn’t just overpowering, it just serves to make more uneasiness foreseeing a result that may never occur. To alleviate this, intentionally immediate your considerations towards where things are strong. WHAT would you be able to rely upon? WHERE are you gainful? What CAN you do? Where ARE things going easily?

2. BE OPEN TO CONTINUED REORGANIZATION: Assess your wellbeing, your accounts, your mentality and what else isn’t functioning admirably, and don’t pass judgment on the emotions that emerge for you. There is change surrounding us. It bodes well that you will likewise advance and move during this time and need change. Permit yourself to find new parts of your needs that you never got the opportunity to know even existed previously.

3. Discover IT WITHIN YOURSELF TO BE GENTLER WITH OTHERS: After months of all that you are managing, recollect that others are experiencing their own internal disorder too. Getting annoyed with other people who don’t act and do as you would is truly tiring. Exploring the good and bad times of in a period of delayed vulnerability is difficult work, so make it a highlight be thoughtful and obliging.

Last THOUGHTS: We will endure this with new abilities, new experiences, new associations and new qualities. Acknowledge that there will be misfortunes, and realize that there will be gains from these loses as we as a whole advance into new mindfulness. The primary concern is to trust, that regardless, everything will unfurl for you precisely the way it needs to, and that you have control of your viewpoint, your choices and your activities en route.


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